Stuck in the mud? Clean your van right!

First impressions are incredibly important for any tradesman. The Initial impression they’ll have is not of you, but the van you arrive in. If the van you arrive in is dirty, you’re off to a bad start. So, avoid that all together will our guide to making sure your van is spotless during your hire.

Avoid the professionals

Automatic car or van washes are always convenient; however, the best possible solution is making time to clean the van yourself. This removes any chance of missed spots and noticeable streaks. If you want something done right; do it yourself.

Washing your rental

Direct sunlight is your worse enemy when cleaning. It makes water dry too quickly and unevenly, leaving streaks and spots. With is in mind, always tackle the dirtiest parts first. Usually that’s the wheels, tyres and arches. Power hoses are always the most efficient way to remove dirt and caked mud picked up from your travels. With most of the dirt and grime gone, hand wash the rest of the van from the top down with good quality cloths and use a soft long-handled cleaning brush to reach all parts of the roof.

Cleaning Products

While it may seem easy to reach for household cleaners and detergents, they’re not designed for cleaning vans and may do more harm than good. Try acid-free vehicle specific cleaning products paired with clean warm water. Also, make sure you have a separate bucket of clean water in addition to one with the cleaning agent to frequently rinse your cloth.

Interior Matters

While external impressions may be the main cause for concern. The interior is just as important! Dirt accumulating in the interior may be easy to ignore, but unpleasant odours can be very noticeable to anyone unfortunate enough to be within smelling distance. To resolve this issue, simply remove all interior contents and give a thorough clean utilising fabric fresheners for smells lurking within the seats.

Don’t wait, Dry

Leaving a wet van to dry itself is a dangerous game. It won’t dry evenly, and spots will likely appear. Dry it quickly and evenly with an old towel. This don’t just apply to the body, keep in mind windows, lights and mirrors, which are best dried with a fibre cloth. Finally, a good polish can make a world of different. Different brands of polish may require different steps, so, always check provided instructions for that polish.

With these steps you’re now ready to make the kind of the first impression that your business deserves and keep your rental in showroom condition, long after if leaves our office!